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American Idol Lee Dewyze Home Town Visit. SBT of Arlington Heights was selected for large Street and Blvd. Banner Production.


American Idol Lee DeWyze returns to Mount Prospect for a televised hometown visit as one of three "American Idol" finalists. He comes home to a parade, a three-song concert in front of thousands at Arlington Park and a sea of fans wearing neon "Vote4Lee" shirts.


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Grocery store cashiers ring up vegetables wearing "Vote for Lee" buttons while Street and Pole Banners Banners printed by Signs By Tomorrow of Arlington Heights, supporting his "Idol" run hang all over Mount Prospect. Electronic signs in neighboring towns remind drivers to vote every week.
Fans knew Lee DeWyze was going to make the cut on "American Idol," last night, evidenced by the fact that fully half of the 30,000 seats for the concert at Arlington Park were bought ahead of time, by people who simply bought race day tickets.
The rest of the tickets, given away free, were scooped up online in 12 minutes after the show, said Arlington Park spokesman Dave Zenner.
About 30,000 are expected at Arlington Park racetrack. Another 15,000 are expected to line Northwest Highway for his parade.
That doesn't include "American Idol" fans who will press their faces against Fox's studio window or wave signs in front of radio stations. Or rush to the AT&T store in Skokie to maybe score a handshake.
"This is almost like a presidential appearance," marveled Mount Prospect Village Manager Michael Janonis. "This guy is going to be running from one place to another all day and will spend very little time in one spot. Most of his time will be traveling."
The 4:30 p.m. parade is expected to last between 10 and 15 minutes and will move slowly up Northwest Highway between Route 83 and Central Road. Sill is expecting more than 15,000 people who will probably start reserving spots along the route early today.