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Don't Cut that Marketing Budget! Keep ......


Gerd Looff

Arlington Heights business offers advice on keeping advertising budgets small and results large

Arlington Heights, IL (Grassroots Newswire) September 15, 2008 --

The time has come to get smarter about your marketing and advertising strategies and view your dollars spent as an investment. And Signs By Tomorrow in Arlington Heights offers advice on how focusing on cost-effective products and services, or even increasing your budget can achieve the desired results.

According to a recent

"Periods of economic decline have direct impact on your profitability and budget, but entrepreneurs that survive and even prosper must be able to do business differently. Signage, for example, is a cost effective and extremely efficient form of advertising and many businesses forget their importance in our society," said Gerd Looff, owner of Signs By Tomorrow in Arlington Heights, located at1050 S. Arlington Heights Rd.

According to Looff, signage for products and services is a financially sound, long-lasting and durable advertising approach. The U.S. Small Business Administration says the U.S. society is a very mobile, consumer oriented and communication driven, thus signage functions as an optimum advertising and marketing device in this environment, offering affordability and availability with excellent return on investment (ROI). The organization also cited that no other form of advertising can match the efficiency and cost effectiveness, dollar for dollar, of signage.

"Effective signage can actually shift a consumer's purchase and prompt an unplanned stop and contributes to brand awareness," Looff added.

In fact, according to the findings from a study done by Sensor on in-store media, one in three consumers was influenced to purchase a brand due to advertising, such as signage.

Savvy companies can boost sales through signs, even in tough economic times, by focusing on tactical techniques that tailor the signs in response to the current economy. Looff suggests the following:

In these tough economic times, many businesses – small and large – are feeling the pressure and uncertainty. Funds are dwindling as the need for brand awareness and sales skyrocket. And, historically, PR, Marketing and Advertising budgets are the first to be cut; however, that could be one of the first mistakes a business makes in an economic crisis. Ad Age article: "Despite rising commodity prices, rising fuel costs and increasingly budget-conscious consumers, Kraft Foods, Hershey, Kellogg and General Mills have increased their marketing and advertising spending. Their investments are paying off in the form of greater-than-anticipated Q2 sales growth."


1. Focus on the pain of a hard-hitting economy.

People's decisions are impacted more by how they feel than what an ad tells them – center your promotions and signage around that concept.

2. Use simple, convincing language on your signage, such as a call to action.

3. Avoid making your sign look like a typical ad.

Make them look like a vital message to the consumer. Today, consumers are becoming immune to advertising, so you need to break through the clutter by creating a dynamic point.

4. Consumers are looking for value in a weak economy.

Stress quality and durability without using advertorial language. For instance, "thrifty" and "value" are the buzzwords this year instead of previous "green" slants.

5. Study the advertising industry.

Know what signage color, factors, etc. are working.

6. Perceptions on the economy play a role.

Signs By Tomorrow of Arlington Heights offers its customers a variety of architectural, retail, and real estate signage, as well as vehicle graphics for businesses that are always on the move. The store is fully equipped with the latest digital production centers and stocked with all the supplies necessary to produce high-impact, full-color products.

For more information on how signs can work for your business, or Signs By Tomorrow in Arlington Heights, please contact Gerd Looff at 847-255-0123 or visit

In a recession, people will spend like there is one. Your sign must convince consumers that your service/product is of value and economical and not necessarily premium or high-end.

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Gerd Looff

Signs By Tomorrow of Arlington Heights



Don't Cut that Marketing Budget! Keep Brand Awareness Initiatives Alive

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